Patty Facts

Did you Know:

  • National Jamaican Patty Day occurs annually on the first Saturday in August.
  • On February 23, 2012: Jamaican Patty Day was officially declared in Toronto.
The Jamaican Patty is a golden flaky pastry that is filled with various savoury fillings and spices, which could include either:
Veggies Ground Beef
Ackee & Saltfish Callaloo & Saltfish
Sea Food (shrimp, fish) Ground Chicken
Cheese Goat
Jamaican Patties are very popular locally and globally. Many different cultures have made their own versions of a savoury pastry; and they go by various names, such as:
Beerocks Calzones Cornish Pasty
Empanadillas Empanadas Meat Pies
Pastelitos Fritos Pastelitos Pastel de Forno
Pastel Pate Saltena
Samosa Sanbousic Spanokopitas

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